Dressing for Success – 9 to 5 Chic

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Between rising temperatures outside and chilly air condition inside, dressing for the office in the summer can be a challenge.  You want to avoid the common mistake of under dressing.  When considering your work wardrobe, it’s okay to be trendy and show your personal style but keep it professional.  You’re at work not a beach party.  Go with a lightweight ensemble, keeping cool, chic and professional.  We paired a red trouser pants with an asymmetrical printed top and classic black pumps.  We tide the look all together with a great blazer and simple accessories.


Three important rules for making the right impression at work are: 1.) Presentation Counts 2.) Casual shouldn’t mean frumpy.  3.) Dress as you want to be seen.  When considering your work wardrobe be sure to size up your office.  If you want to be a manager, check out what the successful managers are wearing.  No need to copy their exact ensemble but use it as an inspiration or guideline.  Next, check out the office super stars, I’m sure their not wearing last weekend’s party attire.  

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10 items you should never wear to work:

1.) Short Shorts or Skirts

2.) Stilettos

3.) Piling on the Jewelry

4.) Too Much Cleavage

5.) Flip-Flops

6.) Tank Tops

7.) Neon Head-to-Toe

8.) Tight Clothing

9.) Crop Tops

10.) Poor Attitude

Fashionably Yours,

Kimberly M. Smith